Free Printable Journal Cards – Valentine

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Even though its not Valentines day I still love these printable journal cards, three best part is there free. I so want to hang these up as wall art I love the mason jar with the heart.

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Hi….. everyone!

I hope you all doing well. Lately I’m pretty busy to create new freebies and I told you there will be lot of new freebies.

Today, the new freebies are still related to Valentine. <3 <3 <3 Here they are…

Free printable journal cards - Valentine

Free printable journal cards – Valentine

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June 1st, 2014

One minute things are decent with Mark then the next it’s like a bomb has went off and he’s angry & screaming at me or the girls which ever the one who has made him mad. Whether it be one of us not doing what the drill sargent has  commanded us to do.
The constant behavioral changes is enough to drive me insane, let alone the constant banter that comes from his mouth, of your not doing any thing right (and that’s the clan version). 
If I’m not following his rules I’m told I have to leave and my children will be taken from me, bc I’m a bad mom. Were in icolation all of the time, can never have fun if we try to with what we’ve got then he’s yelling and screaming sir the f up.  Exactly what happened last night, he was watching a movie and I had Adriana helping me with the dishes and she was singing, I was trying to make dinner he told her to shut up.  I wanted to cry I felt so bad for her I know her feelings were hurt, she just froze in silence. I whispered to her I’m sorry honey, you can still sing just whisper. Then she asked’s why did he say that to her, all I could say was I don’t know why. I accused her from doing the dishes to let her play in the room with Alyessa so she wouldn’t have to get yelled at Again, which left me doing every thing myself and no one to help get get home work done.
Then I began to make to much noise with the dishes and he screams shut the fuck  up I Told  you.

Tiny Bathroom? Try these for BIG Impact

I’ve seen tons of stuff all over the Internet/Pinterest saying diy space savers or maximize your bathroom space, when i clicked onto then though they never actually helped or it seemed to hard to time consuming to expensive or just pan to overwhelming for me to attempt to do these on my own. This morning though I came across a really great post with links to every idea, and where they got the items necessary to compete the project.

Which is pretty awesome, I’m quite amazed bc I too suffer from a tiny out dated bathroom that had no storage whatsoever, not even one single built-it cabinet… The only thing I love about my bathroom is the color of the tile, it’s lime green (yeah yeah it might scream 70’s but to me I love that color and want to restore as much add I can, but I’m in no shape to over haul my bathroom just yet. That why I found this past to be so helpful bc these are very inexpensive ways to add storage to the bath without breaking the bank or testing any thing out to add new…. Check it out

15 DIY LIFE HACKS to create more storage #bathroom

These are ideas id love to add to my tiny bath room

1. Frame your mirror for a dressed up look.

2. Adding these Bekham spice racks from ikea either on your wall or inside your cabinets or linen closet ifs simple…simple…simple…


3. Use hooks & shelving for added clothing or towel storage for looks or efficiency.

4. Inside you’re medicine cabinet adhere these tiny lil holders for makeup, tooth brushes, and other grooming essentials.

5. Love love love this add a magnetic strip for Bobby pins or other metal hair clips.

6. Thus is a must do for my family, each family never gets there own shower caddy attached to a shower rod, so no more fighting over who’s is who’s

7. Over the door shelving for extra grooming supplies, is my favorite. This way no one can make a mess of the stuff and not clean it…

8. This idea is deffently unique bc I’ve never seen this before, I love it because it adds depth with out taking up valuable space needed for other storage.

9. Now here is a great way of thinking out side if the box. By using a plate stand to stack things vertically.

10. Rolling your towels gives you more space plus these baskets a cute idea.

11. Add a roll out drawer for better access and an extra towel holder.

12. Behind your bathroom door is where you can add more towel bars for more vertical storage.

Make sure to check out more on this post@15 life hacks for a tiny bathroom

Halloween Free Printables

Tons of free printables on favorite blogs I follow. These printables are more for decoration, I’m big on subway art plus I had to express my love for all of these amazing ladies that have beautiful designs, and gorgeous homes.

Here is a list of some I would love to put in my home.

1. Happy Halloween… Trick-Or-Treat… by &

2. Halloween Subway Art
Bonus also 12 more adorable free printables from others listed on 36thavenue’s blog. I love this blog and you will too…

3. I <3 Halloween by

4. Surrender Your Treats by also has these other subway art for Halloween & Christmas.

Subway Art Halloween + Christmas ones too by

5. Got Candy? Here is a cute printable with candy corn..
Got Candy? by


6. Halloween count down…
Halloween Chalkboard Count down by

7. Halloween Owl Printable
Halloween Owl By The Crafty Chicks


8. Spooktacular Halloween Printable by

9. Don’t let the polka dots fool you. Witch Printable by the36thavenue

10. If the shoe fits… (hehehe)
Here’s a cute printable to add to your witch collection…

I am thankful to for each of these amazing bloggers to be generous in sharing there adorable printables that they have crafted.

Free Childrens E-book

Need some helpful ideas to do with you kids or get them to play independently…

I found this great ebook for tons if  childrens activities from


This will give you tons of ideas to keep them busy for hours. Plus its free, keep it for rainy day ideas or whatever you’d like. Comes as a pdf file.

Easy Colorful Inspiration from bhg

Tons of things to do, the last week before the kids go back to school, as I sit here lacking any motivation to get up and get organized.
When I need a kick in the pants, I turn to my daily inspiration emails I get from my beloved (Have I told you I love you… bhg I love you..) You turn my bad days into inspired goodness, if I didn’t have you my skies would be grey & gloomy..

This mornings inspiration came from this article

Anything with turquoise/chevron brightens me, (dont know why but that color/pattern makes me cheery and happy fills my thinking cap with lots of warmth and dusts off the cob webs and gets those gears grinding..

1. That is why I choose this painted and patterned buffet. Not to much just enough that it looks fresh and colorful, not only is blue calming its also fun. Add some shiny hardware (or paint the existing hardware a metallic while your at it do the hinges too)
For a more distressed look (that I like) use a fine grit sand paper to add the distress look to the corners and edges.

2. Roller Shades in Lime and Teal.. From the turquoise pendant light with the lime panels and the interesting pattern on the roller shades and the pillows this room is filled with colorful patterns.
Accent plain roller shades with fabric and spray paint the curtain rod to make the window treatment look new. The dresser is a one of a kind, I simply adore this look the aqua color as the base makes the white stenciling pop, then the lime colored hardware is like jewelry, eye candy for the dresser….

3. DIY make your own pouf. I’ve seen these every were but they are so expensive, but so cute.. Sew your own pouf. Get in on this hot trend without breaking your budget with these easy-to-follow instructions for making one of these stylish seats for well under $50.

To keep the project affordable, bhg used a $7-per-yard linen burlap fabric that is durable and easy to work with.
Here is a link to download pdf instructions on how to make your own. pdf file instructions on how to make this pouf

4.Find thrift store frames to adhere remnants of fabric and wooden letter to personalize for a spin on photo frames. Which there are many possibilities with this project from using your childrens precious art work, road maps, keys to your first house, use a layered frame to hide your thermostat, make fabric/paper flowers frame those.

5.I’ve had this similar idea for my entry way doors, by using clear contact paper or frosted, cutting out each shape into small Moroccan tiles then applying then to my entryway doors that are currently bare.

6.Concealed Storage
These mail boxes with the kids names on them are a great way to reuse an old mail box, just a little bit of spray pant and a label to write your child’s name on it and its ready to hang.
To hide art supplies, books, crafting goodies and other important items all you need is some fabric, a tension rod and hem tape and this look can be achieved within the hour.

7.Give the hutch in your house a facelift by painting it a fav color, then adding wallpaper or fabric to the back.

8. Revamp the Lamp….
Easy…Easy…Easy… To achieve this look its quite easy, all that is needed is a can of spray paint, ribbon, pins or glue and of course a lamp.

These are some of my personal favz that pack a punch of color… I will be trying these..

Love, Natalie