Homemade slurpee recipes for kids

I just came across this really fun post from the kids activities  blog, 5 homemade slurpee recipes for kids.  I am dying to try these with the girls.  They absolutely love love love slurpees although I don’t like to give them all that sugar and junk that’s in the ones you get from 7-11am or speedway.

So I am thrilled to find these recipes and can’t wait  to try them out….
homemade slurpee recipes for kids

15 Best Quick and Easy Side Dishes – Damn Delicious


This week’s new obsession for awesome recipes, delish dishs plus how each of damn delicious’s recipes have an option to print out the recipe complete with a small photo& the link and instructions makes it super easy to make any of her recipes. 

This post I love especially I’m forever looking for me side dishs that don’t take for ever to make.  And these look damn delicious., can’t wait to try.


This is awesome I love it….


6 ways to use coconut oil on your hair


This really works great I used it as a deep conditioner a few weeks back, just part you’re hair in 4 sections and start at the root and work your way downto the ends. This really made my hair smooth, silky-smooth from root to tip.

The trick is to use cold water to set when washing it out.
I also use this on my daughter’s curly hair and it turns out amazingly smooth and tangle free.

Sharing: links to free printables

Arrows life is an adventure, love letter to the world Is such a great idea

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I love how there’s so many options out there online for free printables (don’t forget to grab mine here)….it’s so easy to print them out at home, frame them and create beautiful pieces for your walls.  The possibilities are endless!  Don’t forget to stop by your local Goodwill store (or Salvation Army, thrift stores, etc) and look for frames.  You’ll find a ton there for way less than at the regular stores.  If you find some that you love but they’re all scratched up, just pick up a can of spray paint and give them a spraying and they’ll look good as new.  Personally, I like to find the frames first, THEN resize my printables to fit the frames.  Also, don’t forget to look in the housewares department, you might find some small statues or bookends you like that you can just go ahead and spray paint a solid…

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