Laundry Room Subway Art

I thought this would be cute to hang in your laundry room.

Truffles Magazine

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Going green doesn’t have to cost a fortune in fact most green things will end up saving you money! Yes, your probably thinking of all the so called green brands in your local stores and thought there is no way I am paying extra for that green product. First of all, let me say not all green brands are really that green, that’s why as consumers we must make it a habit to read ingredients and use our purchasing power. Greening laundry can be tricky because your not sure which products to choose and often we only learn by trial and error (we prefer success the first time but that’s not likely).

These laundry balls are great and save lots of money too. Here are 2 great options from ReUseIt.

Super Wash Ball (set of 2) $39.95 (1,000 loads)

Nellies’ Dryer Balls   (set of 2) $19.95 …

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To chase the deal, or not to chase the deal that is the question

To chase the deal, or not to chase the deal that is the question.


This is a great Guide on How Effectively decide to “chase the deal or not to”.  I’ve been trying so hard to incorporate couponing and to find the best deal possible, but find myself failing each time. I think of how I am going to do it then rush out to get the newspapers and come home, and get distracted by my other motherly duties along with taking care of my grandmother, aunt, and uncle. I find myself getting overly frustrated because I want to sit down and find the best deals, but can’t figure out a way that I can manage my time correctly. I’ve also been looking at other bogs to see how every one else does it.


Does any one have any ideas