OCD Am I the only one?

Thank you God for blessing me with a wonderful handy man of a husband, and giving him my taste in decor also. He and I like the same kinds of designs, so we always gravitate to the same kinds of colors and styles… 
I am forever thankful, idk what I’d really do…

Which is a great thing because if I had to mix one look with something totally different that would drive me wacky, my ocd would never allow me to settle in with it.
Hubz was hanging some photo’s of The Detroit Grand Prix from the late 80’s early 90’s and they have the dates on them, he just threw en up there to look at to see if we looked them were they were, and I said u have to switch them! He says why? I pointed at the photo’s and said the dates they aren’t in order and it’s going to drive me nuts… ( that is when I realized I am getting bad), who does that???
I feel crazy now that I think back on the situation…

Am I the only one who does this?
Is there others out there that do this too?
What are your OCD tendencies?
How do you put you’re mind at ease?

Please share of you are reading this. No judgment I promise!


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