June 1st, 2014

One minute things are decent with Mark then the next it’s like a bomb has went off and he’s angry & screaming at me or the girls which ever the one who has made him mad. Whether it be one of us not doing what the drill sargent has  commanded us to do.
The constant behavioral changes is enough to drive me insane, let alone the constant banter that comes from his mouth, of your not doing any thing right (and that’s the clan version). 
If I’m not following his rules I’m told I have to leave and my children will be taken from me, bc I’m a bad mom. Were in icolation all of the time, can never have fun if we try to with what we’ve got then he’s yelling and screaming sir the f up.  Exactly what happened last night, he was watching a movie and I had Adriana helping me with the dishes and she was singing, I was trying to make dinner he told her to shut up.  I wanted to cry I felt so bad for her I know her feelings were hurt, she just froze in silence. I whispered to her I’m sorry honey, you can still sing just whisper. Then she asked’s why did he say that to her, all I could say was I don’t know why. I accused her from doing the dishes to let her play in the room with Alyessa so she wouldn’t have to get yelled at Again, which left me doing every thing myself and no one to help get get home work done.
Then I began to make to much noise with the dishes and he screams shut the fuck  up I Told  you.


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