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I love how there’s so many options out there online for free printables (don’t forget to grab mine here)….it’s so easy to print them out at home, frame them and create beautiful pieces for your walls.  The possibilities are endless!  Don’t forget to stop by your local Goodwill store (or Salvation Army, thrift stores, etc) and look for frames.  You’ll find a ton there for way less than at the regular stores.  If you find some that you love but they’re all scratched up, just pick up a can of spray paint and give them a spraying and they’ll look good as new.  Personally, I like to find the frames first, THEN resize my printables to fit the frames.  Also, don’t forget to look in the housewares department, you might find some small statues or bookends you like that you can just go ahead and spray paint a solid…

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