Addiction with Chevron

I adore Chevron, I’m still trying to figure out what it is that attracts me to it. Unfortunately I can’t figure that part out yet, maybe its the colorful pattern, or just about anything can go with it, chevron  doesn’t discriminate against any color. The possibilities are endless when using this amazing pattern.

We just moved into a new house at the end of February and so I’ve been searching inexpensive ways to update our home from bhg do it yourself magazine and threw emails that I get from other blogs in such.

This awesome post by Diane @ posted this really cool exciting way to transform old thrift shop furniture into a beautiful chalkboard cabinet, also she gives 12 ideas on how to makeover a cabinet.. She also gives a couple free printable templates on how to active this look.


Here is another post she goes into detail of how to do the stencil and is very helpful, I have found my new found blog crush…


And, the top chalkboard wreath she gives free downloadable templates on how to do this as well…


To check out her blog go to

I can not wait to try this out, I am especially excited to look for the bead board textured paintable wallpaper, I just want to say I love the way Diane designed this and I thank her for sharing this if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t know none of these things.

The other post I found is from bhg Do It Yourself magazine from Fall/Winter 2012 (i believe)

They show small diy vases to painting a whole wall of Chevron pattern…

Chevron Vase by bhg DIY

This is so inexpensive, you can go to the thrift shop and get vases for a $1.00 or less then use blue tape and do your chevron pattern.. Great thing about this is you don’t have to have this perfect, it is not a straight line..  This will give me practice to achieve what I would like..

Here is another post by Diane @ inmyownstyle

I absolutely love love love the way this looks, and again Diane has explainned from the very beginning to the end… She did such an amazing job with this once again it looks professionally made. There is tons of things she has on her blog tons of furniture make overs to small things like dollar store flowers. I will not be able to get anything done if I dont stop soon.


I hope I will be able to acchive these looks the way Diane did. I will post the 1st project very soon, I am working on it this weekend, however the kids go back to school Monday and School Planning Sunday is tommarrow  and the rest of homework for them and me so I doubt Ill be able to get very much done we will see….

❤ ❤ ❤



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Decorate with Washi Tape

I just delivered a cool blog by p&g called I’m always into easy ways to quickly update anything…

Washi tape is a quick way to add a personal touch to practically anything, plus it’s cheap, and simple. You don’t need a ton of time, money, or not a bunch of materials either.

I can’t wait to try this

I found a great post on

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HGTV’s Household Mysteries

Ever get those stubborn milky white stain on your wooden table?

Well I have, and I’ve spent forever trying to find out how to get these stains out.

Like this one…


I accidentally say down a hot glass dish on there and once I went to clean up this is what the dish left for me to stress over every single day I walk past it, reminding me what I did. I was seriously thinking about getting a new table over this stain..


HGTV’s September 2012 came out with an article about household mysteries, in the article it says to use this to bring out milky stains from natural wood floors.


At first I skipped over the article thinking there was nothing saying you could use this on table tops, only the floor.

Then, as I thought about it over and over and after looking at these hideous stains, I thought this is enough I will not be haunted by these stains not another day.

I was stunned at the results, it worked… I’m dancing around in excitement all around my kitchen Sunday afternoon with my husband lookin at me like I’m a nut. Wondering why in the world is she ironing the kitchen table???

Take a look…


And now there gone….

I’m so happy there gone, no more stains slapping me in the face anymore as soon as I enter the kitchen and all it took was an old tee shirt and my iron…

Here’s the trick

All you need is

A thin cloth
(an old white tee worked for me)
Your Iron
(on the lowest setting possible)



1. Wipe down your surface with a damp cloth no cleaners only water

2. On low or warm setting
(I used linen setting)

3. Spred the cloth over the stain, then iron, I recommend not keeping the iron in on spot, just use a slow circular motion.

4. Gently remove the cloth and the stain is gone, no more milky white yucky stain.

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DIY No-Sew Roman Shade by BHG

I absolutely love the look of a Roman shade. However, the cost of them are surely not in my budget.
Only on my wish list!

I did a lil research on just how much these room changers can cost ones pocket book. My results were a surprise too me. I didn’t know my tastes were this expensive.

I just received there catalog from mail and looking at all of the pretty shades and they can do wonders to any room, with the right budget! For a ”30×54” around $270
They have tons of patterns and beautiful designs lots of colors too…
Aww I’m in love, each shade is custom made hand designed. I can see why they are in that price range…

Luckly, I found this easy way to create your own Roman shade by BHG’s magazine do it yourself weekend projects which I am a collector of… I don’t know what I’d do without this magazine.

No-Sew Roman Shade Made from a miniblind and midweight upholstery fabric, this Roman shade can be assembled in a matter of hours.


Materials Needed:
_Mini blind to fit the window
_Mid weight upholstery fabric cut 6 inches wider than the window and 12 inches longer
_Fabric glue
_Flat artist’s paint brush
_ Several clothespins

Step 1
First, lay the blind on your work surface with the front facing down.


(a) Set the length by adjusting the plug underneath the thick bottom slat according to the package instructions.

Step 2 snip away only the strings that connect the slats on both sides.
Maintain the slats at 7-inch intervals; snap off and remove the rest.

Place the fabric facedown under the blind.

Mark the fabric where it folds at the sides, top, and bottom of the slats.


(b)Remove the shade and press the fabric folds.

Place the fabric under the shade, and glue the sides of the fabric to each slat (c) and the top and bottom edges of the fabric to the top and bottom slats.


Use clothespins to hold the fabric in place while it dries.

Great Organizing Solution by BHG

Simple solution for storing your families most frequently used items. Especially good for entry ways! Along with a colorful background, used with wallpaper. I love this idea.


These easy to make labels are just as easy to customize to your liking, and to specific needs of the fam and they come in 3 different colors also. Did I forget to mention they are also free!!  BHG did a great job….

To create a similuar version of this idea
Attach these rectangular labels on wicker bins with coordinating ribbon, and laminate them or put them inside luggage tags for durability. Perfect for making a place for everything and keeping them grouped together!


Take a look at this Pretty Pantry! Labels galore, lined with pretty wallpaper.. This is my favorite so far, im in love with these kitchen labels.

Pretty Pantry Here’s a pantry that packs a punch. Keep food organized by assigning a shelf to each group(grains, baking ingredients, snacks, etc.). Line shelves with laminated fabric — it’s easy to clean and adds a splash of bright color. Use clear add an adhesive label to each container for an extra measure of organization

Editor’s Tip: The rectangle labels are designed to be printed on Avery 2×4 mailing labels (#5163), available at office supply stores. The small round labels are designed to be printed on 2-1/2-inch labels are designed to be printed on 2-1/2-inch circle stickers and the large round labels are designed to be printed on 4-inch circle stickers, both from Paper Source (


On the Menu
Plan out your family’s weekly menu in advance and get all your groceries in one swift shopping trip.
Magnetic labels make meals simple — just mix and match dishes on the calendar and keep inventory on an organized board. Print these abels on magnet paper, which can be used in home printers and is available at office supply stores,
Print the menu planning labels


On The Go Make life easier with clear, zippered bags perfect for grabbing on your way out the door.
Pack one for each of your needs, such as kids’ activities or a first aid kit, and stick on a cute adhesive labe to keep things organized

Editor’s Tip: The small labels are designed to be printed on Avery 1×2-5/8-inch folder adhesive abels (#8160) and the large labels on Avery 2×4 mailing labels (#5163), available at office supply stores

Print the small on-the-go bag labels Print the large on-the-go bag labels


Canning Labels

Here is a great example of using these canning labels by bhg

Canned Goods
Keep canned goods orderly with decorative adhesive labels. Print playfully designed labels on sticker paper and adhere to a clear mason jar

Editor’s Tip: These labels were designed to be printed on 3-1/4×2-inch oval adhesive labels from Paper Source (

Dressed-Up Drawer
Drawer organization is a must for any office Steer clear of a nest of paper clips, pens, and other office supplies by keeping clear organizing trays labeled. Colorful borders keep things fresh and easy to find
Editor’s Tip: The rectangle labels are designed to be printed on Avery 1×2-5/8-inch folder adhesive labels (#8160), and the circle labels are designed to be printed on Avery booklet adhesive seals (#5278), both available at office supply stores

Print the rectangle labels
Print the circle labels 12


File Folders
Make managing paperwork less of a hassle. Store mportant notes and documents in brightly colored file folders with color-coordinated labels the file tab labels on heavy cardstock or matte photo paper
Editor’s Tip: The file folder labels (shown here on the green folders) are designed to be printed on Avery folder 2/3×3-7/17-inch adhesive labels(#8366), available at office supply stores
Print the file folder labels
Print the file tab labels


Desk Utensils
Repurpose a silverware caddy as a desktop storage organizer for your markers, pencils, and scissors. Here’s a DIY trick: Slip a block in the bottom of the marker caddy so you can see the id color clearly
Editor’s Tip: These labels are designed to be printed on Avery 1×2-5/8-inch folder adhesive abels (#8160)
Print the caddy labels


Shelf Labels

Organize a slender set of shelves with labels and fun hardware. These metal label holders (look for something similar on reproduction hardware websites) simply screw into the shelf and then labels slide into the holder. Print the labels on labels slide into the holder. Print the labels on heavy cardstock or matte photo paper, and laminate for extra durability.

Print the shelf labels

Get Clean, Get Organized
Keep toiletries in order with baskets and labels toiletries (or assign a container to each family member). Print these round labels on heavy cardstock or matte photo paper (laminate the labels for extra durability) and place inside metal-rimmed tags (available at craft stores, in the scrapbooking department, punch a hole in the label, and hang from the basket handle with ribbon.
Print the bin labels


Weekly Wardrobe
Avoid the what-to-wear fight in the morning with these helpful labels. Slip a day-of-the-week tag over a hanger with a complete outfit. Print the labels on heavy cardstock or matte photo paper (if desired, laminate for extra durability), and use a large hole punch to make a hole in the top of each tags Print the days-of-the-week labels



Orderly Toys
Give smaller toys a place in buckets suited to their size. These kid-friendly buckets are easy to tote from room-to-room. Print these square tote from room-to-room. Print these square labels on heavy cardstock or matte photo paper (laminate the labels for extra durability) and place inside metal-rimmed tags (available at craft stores, in the place inside metal-rimmed tags (available at craft stores, in the scrapbooking department punch a hole in the label, and hang from the basket handle with ribbon.
Print the square toy bucket labels

Hope this helps with ways to get clutter under control.. Please feel free to share what you’ve done to control clutter in your home!

These labels are so versatile and customizible for any house-hold! Happy labeling!

There are over 23 different labels at so go check it out!

The best day of the year


I found this on an inspirational website I was looking at, and thought Id post it. Ive been going threw some extremely hard times lately & really seem to forget what life really means.. I thought id post this so I am able to always remember to live by this. Life is to short to not live up to your potientical, every day. When life gets tuff stay positive. Dont give up just because you’ve been rejected, take that critisim & use it in a positive way.

STAY STRONG, live hard

{Free Printable} Mother’s Day Candy Bar Wrapper – Large

Mothers Day is tommarrow and I cant believe it is 2moro. I found these really cute freebies for your mothers day gift she will sure fall in love w/ the cute flower design!

Here is a super cute way to dress up you candy bar. I slso seen gift tags too, that ill have to repost, check out anythingbutperfect.com