Easy Colorful Inspiration from bhg

Tons of things to do, the last week before the kids go back to school, as I sit here lacking any motivation to get up and get organized.
When I need a kick in the pants, I turn to my daily inspiration emails I get from my beloved bhg.com (Have I told you I love you… bhg I love you..) You turn my bad days into inspired goodness, if I didn’t have you my skies would be grey & gloomy..

This mornings inspiration came from this article

Anything with turquoise/chevron brightens me, (dont know why but that color/pattern makes me cheery and happy fills my thinking cap with lots of warmth and dusts off the cob webs and gets those gears grinding..

1. That is why I choose this painted and patterned buffet. Not to much just enough that it looks fresh and colorful, not only is blue calming its also fun. Add some shiny hardware (or paint the existing hardware a metallic while your at it do the hinges too)
For a more distressed look (that I like) use a fine grit sand paper to add the distress look to the corners and edges.

2. Roller Shades in Lime and Teal.. From the turquoise pendant light with the lime panels and the interesting pattern on the roller shades and the pillows this room is filled with colorful patterns.
Accent plain roller shades with fabric and spray paint the curtain rod to make the window treatment look new. The dresser is a one of a kind, I simply adore this look the aqua color as the base makes the white stenciling pop, then the lime colored hardware is like jewelry, eye candy for the dresser….

3. DIY make your own pouf. I’ve seen these every were but they are so expensive, but so cute.. Sew your own pouf. Get in on this hot trend without breaking your budget with these easy-to-follow instructions for making one of these stylish seats for well under $50.

To keep the project affordable, bhg used a $7-per-yard linen burlap fabric that is durable and easy to work with.
Here is a link to download pdf instructions on how to make your own. pdf file instructions on how to make this pouf

4.Find thrift store frames to adhere remnants of fabric and wooden letter to personalize for a spin on photo frames. Which there are many possibilities with this project from using your childrens precious art work, road maps, keys to your first house, use a layered frame to hide your thermostat, make fabric/paper flowers frame those.

5.I’ve had this similar idea for my entry way doors, by using clear contact paper or frosted, cutting out each shape into small Moroccan tiles then applying then to my entryway doors that are currently bare.

6.Concealed Storage
These mail boxes with the kids names on them are a great way to reuse an old mail box, just a little bit of spray pant and a label to write your child’s name on it and its ready to hang.
To hide art supplies, books, crafting goodies and other important items all you need is some fabric, a tension rod and hem tape and this look can be achieved within the hour.

7.Give the hutch in your house a facelift by painting it a fav color, then adding wallpaper or fabric to the back.

8. Revamp the Lamp….
Easy…Easy…Easy… To achieve this look its quite easy, all that is needed is a can of spray paint, ribbon, pins or glue and of course a lamp.

These are some of my personal favz that pack a punch of color… I will be trying these..

Love, Natalie