My Master Bedroom Inspiration

I have been searching for inspiration on how in the world am I going to fix up my room and please the hubz to feel he doesn’t belong in or room, and after searching for almost a year now I have found some great blogs that have inspired me to put together our room. Here is one of my favorites..

By using several pieces Kate previously owned she came up with an amazing master bedroom for her and her husband. How she put together a mini art gallery of pieces dear to her heart with a gorgeous touch.

This room is gorgeous, I love how romantic it feels, but not over the top by centsational girl. The bed’s fabrics make this room, along with the paint color.. Kate mixed it up a bit with the wall coloring ’s two blended together: ½ Ben Moore ‘Camouflage’ and ½ Ben Moore ‘Misted Green’

Love…Love… Love… The mirror plus how she centered it to make this gorgeous mirror and the bed the focal point of the room.

Another thing I can’t get enough if is this knock-off Dorthy Draper dresser… Originally a thrift store piece purchased in a dark color had taken up space in a different room that wasn’t in use very much. Added white paint, gold trim and now look at it. I still can’t get over the fact that this piece was a darker blue color, she did an amazing job.



This next photos are centered around a beautiful antique dresser, piece of art they purchased a long time ago, and flowers from around their backyard. Following the design rule of layering in three’s. Plus my personal favorite the wedding photo, looks as though out of a fairy tale. All pricessless pieces that tell a story of there lives together. Perfect art gallery, which gives me great inspiration of how to create something similar.

A bronze colored chandelier just the right size and color to add to this wonderful room… Kate really shows off how you can turn your bedroom in to a blissful retreat by decorating with pieces from around your home.. What a great job she’s done.

Remember, these photos were taken from censtational girl’s blog and is not my design. I love her design and wanted to give her credit for such a beautiful room she put together. I hope this has given you inspiration as it has given me.

For more details and product info or just to browse Kate’s blog which had tons more of beautiful designs click on the link below.