Delish Dish Blog

I am an avid subscriber of MANY blogs from cooking to design, DIYing,  homemaking and parenting and organizing. I just today discovered great new cooking blog called delish dish by bhg.
This particular post is by Beth which she has one of the best jobs ever.

Beth works in the food department @ BHG so she gets to attend taste panels which involve recipes that will be featured in the magazine in the future. I know I would love to have a position like that, it involves several of my favorite things to do, tasting amazing food sharing her thoughts then she gets to blog about it for the world to read about her experience. Come on talk about the best job in the world!

The first post I discovered is a brownie recipe called fudgy port & cherry  brownies.


These look incredibly yummy. Although I don’t know what the meaning of port is, still they look delish! I’m leaning toward it meaning the type of sauce pan used to make the cherries in?



Here is a neat video Beth posted with the recipe. In the video there is an easy tip on how to melt the chocolate and butter, idk why I never thought of this before it would’ve saved me alot of time if I would’ve have known this for all my other recipes.

Another big reason why I love this blog is b/c Beth also a gives several other great tips for making this sweet tasty tart recipe.. Her inspiration makes me want to start baking these brownies right now

Thank you Beth for sharing such good tips about the recipe!! Can’t wait to see what your next post will be….